.JA Marketplace Kaunas Lithuania Invitation Programme 1-2


Exhibition and Stands


  • You will set up your stand on April 14 th.
  • The exhibition is open to public.
  • If you choose to have valuable equipment e.g. PCs at your stand, please be aware that you will be fully responsible for their safety. These items are not covered by the insurance provided by JA Lithuania. We strongly recommend that any valuable equipment is kept with you at all times.
  • Participants will be provided with a room for luggage and other items to keep at the trade fair itself.
  • The time set for dismantling the stand is 17:00 – 20:00 during which everything should be removed off of the stand.

Dress Code

  • During advertisements and interview at the stand and with the jury, students should wear either business attire or a company uniform.

Stand dimensions: 

  • Each Enterprise stand will have walls of 2,5 m (height) by 1 meter (each of 2 side walls) including table (0.80 x 0.80 meters). If there is no necessity for a table it could be removed, if previously requested
  • Stand`s heading (TRADE NAME) consists of stand number, Company`s name and the country it's representing (prepared by JA Lithuania).
  • Each stand will be provided with 1 corpus and electricity. Students must bring their own extension cords if desired.
  • Students can use (and should bring with them) : Velcro-tape and other fastening and hanging materials.
  • It is not permitted to draw on the walls and floor, to use nails or screws and all stands should be cleaned after use. You may use Blu-tack to place your posters etc.
  • Broken facilities must be replaced on costs of the mini-company presenting at the stand.